World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE)


Alliance for Human Research Protection, Vera Sharav;,

American Gulf War Veteran's Association, Joyce Riley;,

Association of Civilian Technicians, Tom Bastas;,

Citizen Soldier, Tod Ensign;;

Coalition for Informed Choice, Gary Krasner;,

Connecticut Vaccination Information Alliance, Lisa Reiss;,

LIBERTAD, John Gowan,
(advocacy, Military)

National Gulf War Resource Center,  Paul Davidson ED

National Vaccine Information Center, Barb Loe;,

Operation Desert Storm/Shield Association, Vic Silvester;,

Parents Requesting Open Vaccination Education (PROVE), Dawn Richardson;,

People Advocating Vaccine Education (PAVE), Julia Jillani;,

Protecting Our Guardians

Rolling Thunder, Artie Muller;,

The Desert Storm Battle Registry, Kirt Love;,

Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute,,

Vaccination Liberation, Ingri Cassell;,

Vaccination News, Sandy Mintz;,

Veteran's Equal Rights Protection Advocacy (VERPA), Barb Cragnotti;,

Veteran's For Justice, Billy Kidwell;,


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