Recommended Do’s and Don’ts



Past punishments/threats known to have been received for refusing to take the Anthrax Vaccine:

·                    Jail/Brig time: Max 90 days.

·                    Demeaning jobs/labor.

·                    Fines: (highest seen to date: $21,000.00 in fines and denied bonuses to a USAF doctor).  Most fines are loss of half or full pay for one to three months).

·          Confinement to base.

·                    Demotion.

·                    Reduction in pay.

·                    Loss of job and/or security clearance.

·                    Discharge (dishonorable, bad conduct or general under honorable).

·                    Threats of up to 10 years in prison and a felony conviction.

·                    Threats of being strapped down and forcibly vaccinated.

It is important to remember that a punishment MUST fit the crime. Ten years in prison is unrealistic. It is very possible however that one may be looking at 90-120 days in confinement (prison/jail/brig, etc.). 

There is an Army Regulation which does state that one can be forcibly vaccinated, however, according to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, due to the barbaric nature of that policy, it has never been implemented.

A felony record may be accrued with a discharge of dishonorable or bad conduct. However, a conviction under the UCMJ is not an automatic felony.  There is no civilian offense for refusing a vaccination that would equate to a felony. Therefore, refusing the vaccine and being convicted under the UCMJ may affect federal employment, but will not otherwise adversely affect your life as a civilian.

A dishonorable or bad conduct discharge will likely make you ineligible for VA benefits. 

Realize that refusing the vaccine will essentially eliminate your right to challenge the lawfulness of the order in federal court. An alternative, although possibly undesirable, is to object to taking each shot in writing but to still take the shots. The record of your written objections -- while still following the order to take the shot --- will make you an ideal plaintiff against DoD. If you decide to take this route, advise MBVP immediately, and you can become part of a federal lawsuit to stop the shots (at no expense to you).