Is there a threat ? 
- by John Richardson

In order to justify the current anthrax vaccine, the DOD and it's subordinate military branches of the armed forces must present and defend to U.S. soldiers that there is in fact a threat of an anthrax attack. The threat has been vastly overstated, and can be disproved by the following government reports. These reports are comprised of collected CIA documents recently released, as well as government GAO reports, also recently released to the public.

 In a recent CIA report the following findings were made about Iraq, our current theatre of operations in a combat environment:

To view the CIA document in it's entirety, please click here (you will need Adobe's acrobat reader to view this document).

To view the GAO document entitled "DIFFUSE SECURITY THREATS -- Information on U.S. Domestic Anthrax Attacks" Please click here. (You will need Adobe's acrobat reader to view this document.)

Observations on the Threat of Chemical and Biological Terrorism
Statement of
Henry L. Hinton, Jr., Assistant Comptroller
General, National Security and International Affairs Division
Wednesday, October 20, 1999
"According to the experts we consulted, in most cases terrorists would have
to overcome significant technical and operational challenges to
successfully make and release chemical or biological agents of sufficient
quality and quantity to kill or injure large numbers of people without
substantial assistance from a state sponsor
. With the exception of toxic
industrial chemicals such as chlorine, specialized knowledge is required in
the manufacturing process and in improvising an effective delivery device
for most chemical and nearly all biological agents that could be used in
terrorist attacks. Moreover, some of the required components of chemical
agents and highly infective strains of biological agents are difficult to obtain
. Finally, terrorists may have to overcome other obstacles for a successful attack, such as unfavorable environmental conditions and personal safety risks..."
"...Terrorists face serious technical and operational challenges at different
stages of the process of producing and delivering most chemical and all
biological agents. The Special Assistant to the Director of Central
Intelligence for Nonproliferation testified in March 1999 that
preparation and effective use of BW [biological weapons] by both
potentially hostile states and by non-state actors, including terrorists, is
harder than some popular literature seems to suggest. We agree
"Secretary Rumsfeld denies lying about WMD -- Video"


Ray McGovern, who was in the CIA for twenty seven years asked him why he lied about the run-up to the Iraq war. Rumsfeld then proceeded to lie to McGovern to cover up his earlier statements about WMD's being in Iraq. He also tries to use the troops in his defense, a terrible strategy, but not uncommon unfortunately. Notice, at the end of the clip, Ray gets vilified for asking Rumsfeld some pointed questions. We can't have that, no-no-no.